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Gaming Appreciation

Gaming Appreciation is an integral part of training for anyone that works in a gaming venue, from operations to kitchen staff, valets and cleaners. Every staff member in a gaming venue has the potential to either deliver a great experience to your guests – or drive them away forever.

In just 45 minutes – broken into five lessons covering gaming philosophy, gaming awareness and dealing with money – your staff will gain the fundamentals of engaging with your gaming guests, ensuring they understand how and why guests want to enjoy their leisure time at your venue, and enabling them to deliver an increased and consistent level of customer service throughout all areas of your venue.

Gaming Essentials

The Gaming Essentials course should be your foundation training for all staff that deal with customers in gaming venues. It sets a sound benchmark for gaming service, with practical examples that will align with your own base-level expectations for service teams.

The course covers 11 essential-to-understand topics, ranging from gaming philosophy, the greeting, dealing with money, hardware, gameplay, attitude, teamwork, adaptive service and more, giving you peace of mind that frontline staff know exactly how to deal with gaming guests in all situations. A detailed course breakdown can be shared on request.

Body Language

This course helps staff understand their own body language and better appreciate what their guests’ bodies are trying to say. It introduces the concept of open and closed body language and teaches staff to recognize various basic signs, from facial expressions to the direction of your feet.

In a bar setting, most guests want to engage in conversation with team members and other guests. Within the gaming room, however, the gaming machine andambiance is the entertainment – so this course helps your team understand when a guest wants to interact with staff, and when a guest wants to be left alone. It also explains how the right body language can resolve difficult service situations.

How much does it cost?
Pricing starts at $200 per month for a standalone pub (allowing unlimited staff users access to all courses), with further tiered pricing available for clubs and groups based on staff and outlet numbers. To discuss specific pricing for your own teams, send us your details using the enquiry form and we’ll get right back to you.
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In addition to hosting Time To Impress’s paid gaming courses, Small Batch Learning offers free-to-learn beverage service training that allows hospitality outlets to train teams on the individual requirements of their service role. Specifically built for the hospitality industry, Small Batch Learning gives operators a powerful tool not just for learning, but also staff communication, team management and, ultimately, business development.
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